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Amazon wants to identify customers by palm in supermarkets

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Amazon wants to identify customers by palm in supermarkets

Amazon wants to identify customers in supermarkets with the palm of their hands. The US giant has filed a patent application describing a "non-contact biometric identification system" that "generates images of users' palms". This system would allow a customer to pay by hand when leaving the store.

According to the publication Vox, a large part of the authors of the patent application are Amazon employees linked to the Amazon Go project, a store concept that the company has in the US that has no cash registers, allowing customers to leave without having to stand in line to pay, use physical cash or ATM cards.

The patent application comes just months after the New York Post reported that Amazon was testing a palm recognition system for customers in the Whole Foods chain of stores, which was bought by Jeff Bezos-led technology in July. 2017 for $ 13.4 billion.

According to the patent description, Amazon would use a device to scan the palm of the users in two phases: in the first step, an analysis would be made of the lines and wrinkles that the person has in the palm; In a second phase, an analysis of the veins of the hand would be performed. The system would then use these two sources of information to validate the identity of the person.

By confirming the identity, the user could then make purchases and pay with the palm of the hand – as associated with the user profile would be a debit or credit card.


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