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Amazon email telling staff to delete TikTok app was ‘sent in error’

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Amazon said it mistakenly sent an email to employees asking them to delete the popular TikTok video app from their phones.

“This morning’s email to some of our employees was sent in error. There are currently no changes to our policies regarding TikTok,” Amazon said in an email statement.

Amazon had told employees to delete the popular video app from the phones on which they use Amazon email, citing “security risks” from China’s proprietary service.

Image: TikTok said Amazon did not notify before sending the email

“The TikTok app is no longer allowed on mobile devices that access Amazon’s email,” read the warning, sent on Friday, according to an official who is not authorized to speak publicly.

Amazon is the second largest private employer in the United States after Walmart, with more than 840,000 employees worldwide.

In an emailed statement, TikTok said that Amazon did not notify him before sending the email.

“We still don’t understand your concerns,” he continued, adding that the company would like to receive a dialogue to resolve Amazon’s problems.

Chinese internet giant ByteDance has TikTok, designed for users outside of China, in addition to a Chinese version called Douyin.

Like YouTube, TikTok trusts its users for the videos that populate its app and is popular with young people, including millions of American users.

But concerns have escalated, ranging from video censorship, including critics of the Chinese government, to the threat of sharing user data with Chinese officials to violating children’s privacy.

Members of the Working Journalist of India (WJI) keep signs asking citizens to remove Chinese apps and stop using Chinese products during a demonstration against the Chinese newspaper Global Times in New Delhi on June 30, 2020.
Image: The Indian government threatened to ban the app

These fears led the Donald Trump administration to threaten to impose a ban on China-based social media apps earlier this week.

And last week the Indian government said it would ban TikTok, along with more than 50 other Chinese apps, amid tensions between the two countries.

In the meantime, TikTok said it will no longer work in Hong Kong after China’s new national security law required it to hand over user data.


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