Home world After canceling agreement, INSS withdraws and extends payment of Previ retirees


After canceling agreement, INSS withdraws and extends payment of Previ retirees

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After canceling agreement, INSS withdraws and extends payment of Previ retirees


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The INSS reversed the decision to cancel the agreement for the payment of retirement benefits by Previ, a pension fund for Banco do Brasil employees, as revealed by the Broadcast Column, last Tuesday, the 14th. In an official letter sent this Thursday Tuesday, as the foundation reported on its website, the institute said that pensions will be paid on Previ's payroll in a unified manner until June this year.

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"The extension of the deadline is the result of a request made by Previ to the INSS on January 10th, after a meeting held at its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, in order to seek a solution for maintaining the agreement with the institute", explains Previ , in a note on your website.

Last Tuesday, the Broadcast Column revealed that the INSS, after not reaching a consensus with Previ regarding the sale of the foundation's own retirement payroll, decided to cancel the existing agreement earlier this year. Unsuccessful in offering to the foundation, the institute threatened, according to sources, to auction off BB's retirees to potential banks interested in making these payments. In addition to Previ, the INSS would also have canceled its agreement with Petros, from Petrobras, and Funcef, from Caixa Econômica Federal.

With the end of the agreement between Previ and INSS, BB retirees no longer received monthly amounts in a unified manner and had to resort to other banks. The separation of payments from Previ and INSS makes it difficult not only to manage finances but also the tax issue. In addition, when they became related to the INSS-nominated banks, BB's retired employees targeted harassment to sell payroll deductible loans and insurance.

This is already the second recent disorder involving BB employees and the INSS. Last year, a line of about 200 senior bank retirements formed at the institute for lack of resources, as sources reported at the time. Subsequently, an INSS task force was made after the case went public, reducing the waiting list. However, there would still be people in line. The INSS, Previ and BB were contacted to comment on the cancellation of the agreement informed by the Broadcast Column, but did not comment.

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