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A Review of Moonpod – A Multipurpose Chair For Your Home

by ace
A Review of Moonpod - A Multipurpose Chair For Your Home

A bean bag for adults is perhaps the best way to characterize Moonpod. Made from “high-responsive density” beads and covered with a double outer layer, this 12-pound, 4-square-foot kidney bean shaped sunbed should be supportive and transformative. Said to be similar to flotation therapy, the chair aims to help reduce "stress, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD and ADHD".

O Moonpod can be used to sit, recline or lie down. This makes it ideal for many activities, such as reading, working, watching TV and sleeping. The Moonpod chair maintains its shape reasonably well in any position you are using it. However, it is quite easy to fall from an upright position to a reclined position if you lean back. Therefore, you should sit quite straight, which is beneficial for your neck and back, but it is not very comfortable.

For relaxation purposes, the reclined and lying positions are quite comfortable. There is a feeling of being in the air, but it is difficult to say that this sensation is "floating". The sensation is more like firm support, which is very relaxing. It resembles the heavy blanket you feel wrapped in, a property that can reduce emotional stress. It is the feeling of being wrapped in cocoons, which, according to popular psychology, is effective in reducing anxiety.

The chair has a unique ability to mold itself to the shape of a person's body. This increases comfort and helps to relieve tension in the neck and back. However, it takes a while to change to its original shape, which means that if someone wants to use it after you, they will have to wait or remodel the pod themselves.

The design is difficult to move due to its weight and size. It is also not attractive to look for and find a place in the house to store it when not in use, it is difficult. It can function as an extra seat for guests, but as it is smaller than traditional furniture, the person who sits on it usually feels out of place.

Pets will also enjoy using it, but be careful with your claws, as they definitely pierce the outer layer. This will not cause the bills to spread, but it will be ugly. In the case of skins, dirt or other debris, the outer cover is machine washable. However, it is difficult to return after washing, requiring at least two very patient people to perform.

Moonpod seems to retain body heat and, after prolonged use, you may feel uncomfortably hot. Like the brothers, the bean bag, Moonpod can be difficult to get out. The molding nature of the capsule means that it is difficult to get leverage to go up and out. Instead, you need to move back and forth to get enough momentum to go from sitting to standing.

Since it is not very wide, some people may find that they do not have much extra space for their elbows (in the vertical position) or for maneuvering (in the lying position). Also, if you are tall, you may find that your head is hanging at the end, or else you put your head in the cocoon, but your legs are hanging on the other side. There is an additional accessory, called Crescent, that can help with this.

Moonpod sells for $ 399, which is a high price compared to the traditional bean bag and traditional sunbeds. The price is hard to understand when you consider that most reclining chairs perform many of the same functions as Moonpod. The difference between a traditional recliner and a Moonpod are the relaxation components of the Moonpod, which are said to decrease stress and anxiety. As long as you agree aesthetically at odds with the rest of your furniture, the Moonpod chair is a good investment if you suffer from stress and / or anxiety.

In general, this Review Moonpod concludes that the product is for you, if you need something to comfort you psychologically and need a piece of furniture that can also function as a recliner and a bed. If that is the case, then this is a worthwhile investment.



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