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83% of young Americans have iPhones – and even more want to buy one soon …

by ace
83% of young Americans have iPhones - and even more want to buy one soon ...

Much is said about a crisis, which is undeniable, in the popularity of iPhones. Sure, Apple's new smartphones may reverse the situation and bring the brand back to the top of the world, but right now, the scenario is one of caution and consumers turning their attention to more attractive or more cost-effective alternatives. . One specific group, however, seems to remain indifferent to this tide: young people from the United States.

According to a recent survey by Piper Jaffray, brought by AppleInsider83% of young Americans have an Apple smartphone. This is the highest rate ever detected by the firm, albeit with a small advantage: In the latest survey of its kind, 82% of teens owned iPhones in the US.

Perhaps most importantly, even more young people in the country want an iPhone, whether they have one at the moment or not. 86% of respondents said they wanted to buy an Apple smartphone soon – not a growth from the latest survey, but show that kids' interest in iPhones has remained almost unabated since Steve Jobs introduced the original model. from the cell phone there in 2007.

The news is good for Apple because obviously young people are the adults of the future. Apple therefore has every condition in the world to pull as many users into its technology world as possible into its ecosystem – and remember, we are talking about one of the largest consumer markets in the world (and most important to Apple).

Still talking about the survey, 10% of young Americans said they had an Android device (up 1% from the latest survey); 20% of them, in turn, said they had an Apple Watch – while 23% said they plan to buy an Apple watch soon. The survey interviewed a sample of 9,500 teens around the United States, it is worth noting.

Not bad, is it?



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