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5 Simple DIY Security Upgrades to Protect Your Home

by ace
5 Simple DIY Security Upgrades to Protect Your Home

Nobody wants to think about the vulnerabilities of their home security, that is, until it is too late. Fortunately, smart home technology and a few simple DIY tips are all you need to offer your home a huge security update. No contracts, security companies, annoying alarms or monthly payments – just DIY security updates that really work.

Our favorite is a smart break-proof fingerprint scan lock it only takes 5 minutes to install with a screwdriver. Read on to learn more about this and other tips to make your home security easier.

External lighting

Adding some lights to your home's doors can help deter potential intruders, especially if the lights are on.

When we think about installing outdoor lighting, most of us think about climbing a ladder with a toolbox and a wire spool, giant spotlights in our hands and risking our lives. But the modern motion sensor lighting is very easy to install. All you have to do is go to the corner of the door frame and turn on a light there.

There are several wired and wireless options, but most are small, discreet and can be installed in minutes.

If motion lighting is not your option, you can even add simple LED strip lighting to your porch or around the garage. This waterproof, weatherproof lighting lays on tape and lasts a long time. The brightness is also much softer than the motion sensor's bright lights, so you can enjoy greater visibility without flashing flashes.


We have all seen online videos of doorbell cams capturing everything from hilarious animal games to bundle thieves being arrested. This simple addition of DIY to your home can protect you and provide irrefutable evidence if someone tries to break in.

In strange danger 101, we all learn not to let anyone in the house, even if they say they are a salesman or they need to use the phone. With a door camera, you don't even have to open the door before you find out who they are. If it's someone you don't recognize, you can communicate behind a sturdy door.

If someone threatens you, you can report that they are on camera and that they can expect a visit from the police soon!

Smart locks

Do you know how old is the lock and key we use? It has existed in the same form for literally thousands of years, and medieval vulnerabilities remain the same.

Traditional locks are super easy to choose, jimmy and break. Any thief can do this after watching one or two YouTube videos.

The most important home security update you can do is in your locks. Get rid of the lock holes and breakable decorative handles and replace them with smart keyless locks.

Our favorite smart locks are manufactured by Lockibly, a brand that uses the award-winning unbreakable and unbreakable security technology. In fact, they use the same technology as governments and large security companies.

Lockibly locks are biometric access locks, which means that you access your door using your fingerprint. You can program up to 100 fingerprints on the lock, as well as provide temporary and scheduled access. The locks are unbreakable and highly encrypted for hacker-proof security.

Additional features include:

  • Remote control via app and Bluetooth
  • Offline functionality
  • Real-time access logs (know who enters and exits)
  • 365 day battery life
  • Additional access options (token, password, key)

Safely offers impenetrable security and multiple in-app surveillance features for a one-time purchase. And you can install it with just a screwdriver in 5 minutes. Find out more about Lockibly and get a special discount now at lockibly.com.

5 simple DIY security updates to protect your home

Window sensors

Window sensors are another super easy security update that no one seems to take advantage of. For the price of a pizza delivery, you can get a package of sensors to attach to the frames of every window in your home. If someone opens the window and interrupts the sensor field, an alarm will sound.

Configuring the window sensors is easier than any other DIY home security update on this list. All you need to do is remove them from the packaging and stick them on both sides of a window frame with some adhesive. That's it! In just a few minutes, your windows will be equipped with professional-grade security.

You can choose from several different window sensors. For a low price, you can opt for simple battery-powered window alarms. For a little more, you can get smart sensors that send information to an app and feature remote settings, stopwatches and more. Fortunately, they are all easy to install.

Trim the covers

If you don't want to buy any new equipment, you can still increase the security of your home. Start by trimming the hedges and cleaning the brush around all the shrubs in your yard.

Burglars often target houses with many potential hiding places, and the bushes are a prime location. If you deprive them of a good place to rest, they will probably choose a different home.

If you want to go further, you can place some solar powered lights at the base of the foliage, so there are no dark spaces to squat at night. Solar powered lights are wireless home security accessories and zero maintenance and also make your yard look great!

Don't wait to protect your home

Nothing bad happens … until it happens. Thousands of gambling owners wish they could have strengthened their home security earlier. While this may have been an expensive inconvenience in the past, new technologies and easy-to-do products make security updates a no-brainer.

Just think about it. In less than 30 minutes, you can:

  • Install a lockable biometric lock on your door
  • Add window sensors to all your windows
  • Put some solar lights in your yard

That's less than the time it takes to choose something to watch on Netflix!

DIY home security is easier and more affordable than ever, so don't miss the opportunity to increase your home security (and your peace of mind) now. Don't wait until it's too late!

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