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11 more batches of Backer beer are contaminated, informs ministry

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11 more batches of Backer beer are contaminated, informs ministry


Beers Backer (Photo: Reproduction / cervejariabacker.com.br)

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) released the results of analyzes that detected the presence of the contaminant diethylene glycol in 11 more batches of Backer beers in the early evening of Saturday (01/18).

To date, ten products from Cervejaria Backer have tested positive for toxic substances: Belorizontina, Capixaba, Capitão Senra, Red Skin, Fargo 46, Backer Pilsen, Brown, Backer D2, Corleone and Backer Wheat. So far, the analyzes carried out by the Federal Agricultural Defense laboratories have found 32 contaminated lots.

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In view of the imminent risk to public health, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) determined yesterday (17) to ban all Backer beer brands with an expiration date equal to or after August 2020.

The Map also defined, with the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacom) of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the procedures to summon the company to recall products in which contamination has already been found, as well as products that have not yet had proven suitability and safety for consumption for the consumer. The measure is preventive and applies to all of Brazil.

See contaminated lots:

Results of the Ministry of Agriculture analysis
(Photo: Ministry of Agriculture / Press Release)


Diethylene glycol is a toxic substance that cannot come into contact with food and drink. The presence of the substance in beer is associated with the occurrence of deaths and intoxications in Minas Gerais.

On Thursday (16), the Health Department of Minas Gerais confirmed, the fourth death from ingestion of diethylene glycol. The victim is a woman who died on December 28 in Pompéu, in the interior of the state.

The first of four deaths from poisoning already recognized by the Civil Police was registered on the night of January 7, in Juiz de Fora. Tests that the victim underwent before dying confirmed the presence of the contaminant in the blood. The man, whose name and age have not been officially confirmed, was buried in the mining town of Ubá.

All patients hospitalized due to nephroneural syndrome had acute renal failure with rapid evolution, that is, which led the person to be hospitalized within 72 hours after the appearance of the first symptoms, and central and peripheral neurological changes, which may have caused facial paralysis. , blurring or loss of vision, sensory changes, paralysis, among other symptoms.


The Civil Police do not rule out any hypothesis, not even the suspicion that a former employee fired by Backer may have acted out of revenge. "I cannot say whether it was a sabotage or a mistake. It is not yet the time for the investigation for this," said Chief Flávio Grossi. "Today, what we affirm is that the toxic elements found in bottles (of beer), in the blood of victims and within companies (comes from) products in common. Crime we believe there was. For this reason, we initiated a police investigation", said the delegate.

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